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We offer a Grill Cleaning Service

The weather is starting to cool down, it's getting darker a bit earlier each evening, and I'm sure some folks will soon be putting their grill away for the season. Well, whether you put your grill away for the winter, or whether you grill all year around, if you've been using your grill regularly throughout the summer, it's got to be pretty dirty. It probably could use a good cleaning! And we can help!! Great Lakes Grills offers a Grill Cleaning Service for $100 (plus tax). We will come to your house to clean your grill (and we clean up our mess!) We clean any and all makes, models and age of grills. A clean grill is safer to use, operates more efficiently, and lasts longer. Now is a great time to call us or stop in and see us to get on our calendar for a grill cleaning appointment! Great Lakes Grills: (810) 215-1059 🔥 HAPPY GRILLING!! 🔥

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