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About Great Lakes Grills

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Great Lakes Grills specializes in grills, cooking gear, and everything outdoor cooks have on their wish lists. 


We offer a wide selection of outdoor grilling products that you won't find anywhere else.

Our showroom in Fenton, Michigan gives our customers an opportunity to have a close look at all of our "Hot" products. 


We are ready to answer all of your tough questions.

We challenge you to come down and "Grill Us" !

Our Mission 


Great Lakes Grills will provide outstanding grilling products and services to meet the wants and needs of all outdoor cooks.

Meet Bob Kuerbitz
Great Lakes Grills - Owner
  Grills Grills Grills   

Hi, I’m Bob Kuerbitz, the owner of Great Lakes Grills, LLC.  I’m new to the retail business, but  I’ve dreamt of owning an outdoor cooking shop for close to 25 years!  I just never got around to doing it because a really good (30+ years ) career with GM got in the way.


I started off with GM right out of college as a contract employee in the mid-80’s when the economy wasn’t all that great.  I was told don’t take the job if you’re expecting to get hired into GM.  But after 3.5 years, I did get hired in. Over the next three decades, I spent time in Powertrain Engineering, Purchasing, and IT.  I got to drive many different GM vehicles over the years - some really nice, and some, well, not so nice….  and GM gave me the opportunity to see the world - I traveled on business trips to Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, and Ireland."


I really enjoyed my career and experiences with GM, but I knew that if I wanted to pursue my dream of starting a Grill business, I had to make a move! 


Our store has gone through a number of name changes over the years.  The original name for the store was going to be “Grills, Grills, Grills - Hundreds of beautiful grills and three ugly ones.”  But my wife thought that sounded a little too 80’s-ish (hence, how long I’ve been thinking about this business). Next was “Grillers” thanks to my 11-year-old son. Unfortunately, we discovered that the name was taken.  After batting around dozens of alternatives, we called in some help. Then thanks to my sister and her family, the name Great Lakes Grills arose from the charcoal ashes! 





Welcome to Great Lakes Grills!  Our goal is to help you find anything and everything you need for your outdoor cooking adventures.  We provide our customers with knowledge, the highest level of customer service, with a personal touch. 


I think you'll be pleased with our wide selection of brands and grill models along with high-quality accessories.  Our product lines won't be found in other area stores.  


If you’re looking for something specific, let us know and we’ll get it for you. For your convenience, we also offer services that include grill assembly and delivery.


You're invited to check out our showroom, in Fenton, Michigan.  We love to talk to folks about grilling and smoking, compare stories, and share secrets about outdoor cooking.  

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Bob  -Your BBQ Partner

Great Lakes Grills
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