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Grill Cleaning Services

A deep cleaning of your grill is recommended twice annually. 

A clean grill ensures a safe grill that performs better and lasts longer. 


Great Lakes Grills offers Grill Cleaning Services in Michigan.


We can either do the cleaning on site at your home/business,  or pick up the grill and conduct the cleaning at our shop in Fenton, Michigan,  typically returning the grill to the customer within 2-3 business days.

Service Includes:

Complete grill inspection for damage or maintenance issues*


Clean your grates and flavorizer bars/heat deflectors

Clean your burners


Clean the inside of the lid and the inside of the tub/cookbox


Clean the grease tray and drip pan

Clean the inside of your grill cart/cabinet

Clean the outside of the grill

Cost:  $100-$200 for onsite cleaning* - All Makes and models!

* Cleaning fee is dependent upon grill size and customer location.  Please call for an estimate. Any replacement parts required to fix any issues are not included.  We will consult with the owner on how they would like to proceed with fixing any issues or broken parts.

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