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Outdoor Kitchens


Thinking of building an outdoor kitchen?  Great Lakes Grills can help you!  


Almost all of the gas grills we offer can be ordered without the carts as built-in models. We also have access to all the other hardware you'll want and need for your outdoor kitchen.  


Need a refrigerator?  We can get it.  Kegerator?  Yes, that too.  How about a beautiful built-in stainless steel griddle?  Yep, we can get it.  


We also have access to ice makers, sinks and all the cabinets, doors and drawers you'll need.  All of our built-in gas grills can be ordered  as LP or natural gas, or converted, if necessary.  


Come in and see us to help you spec out what your outdoor kitchen can be.   

Have questions?  Give us a call:   810-215-1059     


Or fill out the contact form for more information about custom outdoor kitchens:


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