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Grilling can be fun all year round.  But to make sure your grill is ready for your next culinary adventure, proper maintenance is important.  There is no bigger downer than a grill that won't start, excessive smoke while cooking, or an untimely flare-up.

That sweet Memphis BBQ sauce and other tasty sticky substances that you slather on your grub can add to build-up on gas burners.  And charcoal can have its own corrosive effects on grills if not cleared out.

Caring for your grill will ensure that your cooking experience is safe and your steaks, chops, and veggies grill evenly.  Proper maintenance and cleaning will also help prolong the life of all your grill and its parts.

The good news is that cleaning and proper maintenance aren't difficult if you follow the manufactures recommended guidance,  and you keep your grill clean after each use.  Cleaning helps make sure your burners are firing properly, heat is distributed evenly and your grill is safe to use. 


1: Clean your grill after every use.  

Since every grill is different, read your owner's manual for detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions.  These are easily obtained on the manufactures website if you don't have a printed copy.  Cleaning a grill after each use eliminates food bacteria on cooking grates and ensures that no unwanted tastes find their way into your food.

2. Clean when it's HOT!
It's easiest to clean a grill right after the food is removed.  As the grill cools, food and grease become more stuck on.  If your grill has cooled, heat it back up for a few minutes before cleaning.

3. Use a grill cover
Place a grill cover over your cooled, cleaned grill. This helps prevent dirt buildup, mechanical failures, and rusting.

4. Clean the exterior too!
After each use, clean away dirt from the outside of your grill. You can use grill-safe touch-up paint if you notice any areas of chipped paint or rust on the exterior.

If you have questions about proper cleaning techniques, maintenance, or repair, give us a call.  

We are your BBQ partners and are happy to help.

Great Lakes Grills also offers in shop or in home grill cleaning services for those with busy schedules!

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