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Get FREE Charcoal, Pellets or LP Gas

Hi everyone! We're excited to offer a new promotion - a frequent purchase program for our charcoal, pellets and LP gas! Sign up for the program when you come in to buy your next bag of charcoal, pellets or tank of LP gas. Once you accumulate 200 lbs of purchased charcoal, pellets or LP gas, we'll give you a 20 lb bag or tank of your choice for FREE!! And unlike some stores who think grilling season ends the day after Labor Day and they quit stocking grilling supplies, we have PLENTY of charcoal, pellets and LP gas - and we'll have them all through the Fall, the Winter, into the Spring and all year around!! For charcoal, we have Jealous Devil hardwood lump charcoal (10, 20 & 35 lb bags), Jealous Devil Briquettes, Kamado Joe Big Block and Primo hardwood lump charcoal. For pellets, we have Weber, Bear Mountain, Louisiana Grills and Jealous Devil pellets. And then we have an LP tank exchange cage outside the entrance to the store. We'll have copious quantities of each of these all through the year!! So make us your go-to stop for all your charcoal, pellet and gas needs and we'll reward you with FREE product!! Let's Get Grillin'!!

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