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1975 Offset Smoker from Workhorse Pits


The “1975” is our largest capacity offset smoker, boasting a 24” diameter with a full 3/8” thick wall, one of the industry’s thickest. Globally acclaimed for stellar performance, it can handle four briskets or eight to ten Boston butts on the single main cooking grate. Ideal for large family gath erings, BBQ competitions, or commercial catering, the 1975 is engineered using computational f luid dynamics to ensure an even burn and precise performance. With additional features like a fold-down smoke stack and the popular optional Cowboy Grill, the 1975 is your solution to ele vate grilling to the next level.



Cooking Surface: 2316 Sq Inches with Top Pull-out Rack and Cowboy Grill (47”x23.25” Grate in Main Chamber; 40.5”x15” Optional Top Rack; 26.5”x23.25” Grate in Optional Cowboy Firebox)


Exterior Size:

Overall Length - 84”, Chamber Length - 48”, Firebox Length - 27”, Overall Height - 85”, 60” (stack down)


Weight: 835lbs



Two Tel-tru 300- UT, auto-calibrated (for top rack add two additional top ther mometers)



(2) Tel-Tru® Temperature Gauges Grease Drain Break-Away Stack Wood Storage Rack 6” Solid Rubber Casters Meta Title: 1975 Offset Smoker by Workhorse Pits - The Choice for Serious Pitmasters


Introducing the 1975 Offset Smoker from Workhorse Pits, our largest capacity offset smoker, de signed for large-scale cooking. With robust construction, exceptional performance, and a host of included and optional features, the 1975 model is perfect for those who want to take their grilling game to the next level. Explore the specifications and customization options, and make the 1975 your choice for BBQ perfection!

1975 Offset Smoker from Workhorse Pits

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