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Halo Elite4B Outdoor Griddle
Thoughtfully designed to address unmet needs in the 4-burner griddle game.

Patent Pending Features!

Dual-Zone Burner System – 4 burners, 8 zones
Inset 720 sq in griddle plate for wind-proof wall-to-wall heat
10 Minute Warm Up Time
300°F to 750°F temperature range
205.5 sq in swing-away warming rack included
Burner site glasses for quick burner ignition check
Adjustable regulator of either 9.5″ or 11″ WC for more temperature control
XL Rear Grease Management with built-in utensil clean off squeegee
Built-in griddle plate removal tool doubles as hooks for hanging utensils
Included bubble level and adjustable casters to ensure your cook surface is level
Natural Gas Compatible Shop NG Kit 
Durable Lid that can be closed while cooking


Transform your outdoor cooking experience with the Elite4B Griddle. With 720 square inches of cooking surface, this 4-burner gas griddle is the perfect choice for feeding large families, hosting tailgate parties, or entertaining guests at backyard gatherings. 


Boasting 4 burners with 8 temperature zones, you can precisely control the heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. Ignite just the front zones, or light up all zones for wall-to-wall heat. 


The inset griddle plate design ensures that your flame stays lit even in windy conditions, and the built-in bubble level and adjustable 360° wheeling casters allow you to easily move the griddle to any location and keep it level.


The innovative burner site glasses of this HALO 4-burner griddle allow you to monitor the flame from the front of the griddle, for quick and easy ignition check. With a quick warm-up time of just 10 minutes, you can reach temperatures between 300°F to 750°F in no time and start cooking up a variety of delicious meals, from breakfast dishes to stir-fry, burgers, steaks, and skewers. 

The swing-away warming rack provides extra space when you need it and can be tucked away when not in use. This makes for a more versatile and efficient cooking environment. 

When you’re finished cooking, cleaning is a breeze thanks to the XL rear grease management system and built-in utensil clean-off squeegee. 


It’s time to upgrade your griddle game! Learn more about the Elite4B and start cooking like a pro!


4 Burners but 8 Zones
The Elite4B Outdoor Griddle packs a punch with its four burners and eight cooking zones, making it the perfect choice for versatile outdoor cooking. The HALO Signature Burners provide exceptional temperature control, allowing you to ignite just one zone or both, depending on your cooking needs. 


With this outdoor griddle, there’s no need to set aside too much time for preheating. With a quick warm-up time of just 10 minutes and a temperature range of 300°F to 750°F, the Elite4B elevates your griddle cooking experience. 


Whether you’re making breakfast, grilling burgers, stir-frying vegetables, skewing meats, or searing steaks, the HALO 4-burner outdoor griddle can do it all with ease and precision.


Wall-to-Wall Cooking
One persistent challenge in outdoor griddle cooking is controlling heat in windy conditions. Rest assured, those days are over! This 4-burner griddle with lid is designed to withstand the unpredictability of the forecast so you can still cook, entertain and feed your family and guests.

The Elite4B addresses this issue with its inset griddle plate that creates a wind-proof barrier, ensuring wall-to-wall heat distribution and eliminating cold spots. With this feature, you can season your entire cooking surface evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked meals every time. 

The griddle also comes with patent-pending griddle plate removal tools that make it easy to access and remove the griddle plate for cleaning or storage. With the Elite4B, you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of griddle cooking, even in windy conditions.

Built-in griddle plate removal tool on the HALO Elite4B Outdoor Griddle


True Portability
With its thought-out design and innovative features, the Elite4B is the ultimate cooking solution for those on the go. The unit comes equipped with a bubble level that ensures easy leveling on any surface, so you can cook anywhere, anytime without worrying about unlevel ground. 

Additionally, the patent-pending squeegee makes cleaning up after cooking a breeze. This gives you more time to enjoy your delicious creations and less time spent cleaning your new favorite 4-burner gas griddle.


Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or just cooking up a meal in your backyard, the Elite4B is the perfect cooking companion for all your outdoor culinary adventures.


Premium Features
Keep your food at the perfect serving temperature with the griddle warming rack. Designed for long cooking sessions, this 4-burner griddle features an XL rear grease management system that eliminates the need to constantly manage grease and oil. 


The system effectively collects and contains any excess grease, providing a clean and safe cooking environment and freeing you to concentrate on the culinary task at hand. Cook to your heart’s content, knowing that the grease management system has got your back and will keep your griddle surface clean and ready for your next meal.

Halo Elite4B Outdoor Griddle

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