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Cave Tools - Marinade Meat Injector Kit



The Gold Standard of Meat Injectors
Injector marinades for meats: High grade 304 stainless steel includes 3 flavor infuser meat injector syringes for chicken, beef, pork, brisket, and turkey meat


Perfect Portions: Precision is important with meat injectors for smoking, grilling, and indoor cooking. Our clear plastic measurement window gets perfect flavoring added to your meats


A Marinade Injector for Any Recipe: Large 6 inch needle for chunky seasonings - 12 hole 6 inch syringe for liquid marinades/basting - 3 inch precision tip needle for small meat


Great parts for a Pit Master's Holiday Meal: Use as a Turkey Baster / Turkey Injector for Thanksgiving Meal or a meat tenderizer tool for your ham, hog, beef chuck roast, pot roast or other festive feasts


Comes with a free downloadable copy of The Grill Master's Essential Barbecue Recipe Book. Now you will never run out of delicious recipes to cook at your tailgate. You can also access our famous Grilling Recipe Exchange And Meat Smoking Journal cell phone app for iOS and Android.


Cave Tools - Marinade Meat Injector Kit

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