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Red Beard Seasoning
Veteran owned - Made in the USA
No MSG - NON GMO - No fillers or preservatives


You might be asking yourself “Why Red Beard Seasonings?” When you walk down the spice aisle at your local grocery store or meat market, you’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of different seasonings and spices. Most of the ones you will see are made from low quality ingredients and have been sitting on the shelf for a year or possibly longer. Most of these blends contain loads of MSG and low quality, outdated ingredients.


Why Red Beard Seasonings? Let me tell you exactly why – All of our blends are small batch blended with fresh, high-quality ingredients. We don’t use MSG. We don’t use ingredients containing GMO’s. We don’t use synthetic fillers or additives - Just quality health-conscious ingredients.


We have fresh batches blended every couple months which means you’re getting fresh, raw flavors in all of our blends. Fresh flavors that will season every meal you cook beyond expectation. That’s why you should choose Red Beard Seasonings to season your meals. Give yourself, your family and your friends high quality, pure favor.


Wild Game
This blend is a mixture of earthy and hearty flavors with a little bit of heat. It is excellent on venison, elk, duck and even turkey and pork. 4.6oz NET WT


Steak & Brisket
Red Beard's Steak Seasoning isn't your typical steak seasoning. This blend is made of several different ingredients and is delicious on burgers, steaks, brisket, roasts, potatoes, eggs and even on grilled vegetables. 5.5oz NET WT


Sweet Corn
Add this seasoning to your corn on the cob to give it a traditional Mexican style street corn flavor! Mild heat profile, but well balanced with the cilantro, butter and sweet flavors. 4.7oz NET WT


BBQ Rub rates mild on the heat scale. It adds a triditional southern style BBQ flavor with a little kick to anything pork chicken or fish.


Pork Rub
Ohio Pork rub is the perfect blend for anything pork - ribs, pork chops, tenderloins, pork butt and pulled pork. Brown sugar based with a unique blend of additional flavors creates a beautiful color and an even better taste. Great on chicken also!


Spicy Chipotle
Red Beard's Spicy Chipotle blend is flavored uniquely - A mix between traditional BBQ flavor, a little sweet and a little heat. Goes great on just about anything! Made with real dehydrated and ground chipotle peppers. Can be used to make vegetable dips also.


Honey Chipotle
Made with real granulated honey and combined with a little kick - This Honey Chipotle Seasoning goes great on chicken, fish, turkey and is a great dry rub for wings! The granulated honey melts and sticks to the meat marrying the flavor into it and leaves a beautiful glaze look as well. 6oz NET WT


Bloody Mary Blend
Bloody Mary Blend, if you are a bloody mary fan, is a mix of vegetable, horseradish, celery, lemon and cayenne pepper flavors that will spice up your favorite bloody mary concoction. If you're not a bloody mary fan thats ok! The flavor profile of this seasoning is also excellent on shrimp, fish, chicken and even maccaroni and cheese. It is pretty spicy, but delicious if you enjoy a medium level of heat.


Red Beard Seasonings started in our home kitchen in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2020. With a love for cooking, grilling and smoking I finally put rubs I had been throwing together and using into an actual formal recipe and decided to make a business out of it! My wife Kayla was the taste tester - She is the kitchen cooking professional and has a keen taste for flavors - I'm not quite sure how many different concoctions I had her try, but it was quite a few until we dialed our recipes in and nailed them down.​

Our three original blends we released for sale for the first time in November 2020 - Those were the Steak & Brisket Rub, Ohio Pork Rub, and Spicy Chipotle. In January 2021 we decided things were going in the right direction and decided to formalize the business into a legal entity. We added several blends, dropped a couple and worked our way into over 20 retail locations by June of 2021.

As we close in on our first year in business, we have shipped product to customers in over 35 states, our products are sold in over 40 retail locations in 7 different states and now have 9 blends with two more to be released in 2022.

Thank you for being a part of the Red Beard crew and we look forward to continuing to provide you with game changing, flavorful blends that will change the way you cook at home and in competitions.


About Our Blends

All of our seasoning blends are made with non-GMO natural ingredients sourced from companies in the United States. Our mission is to bring unique flavors to you that will take your grilling, cooking and smoking game to the next level. Our blends are versatile and can be used in many different ways on the grill, in the kitchen or on your smoker. 

Red Beard Seasoning- 9 to Choose from

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