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Great Lakes Grills offers a variety of meat thermometers and BBQ accessories from Thermoworks.


Stop by our showroom in Fenton, Michigan or gives us a call to learn more about our selection of fine thermometers.


Unique Products
A lot of thought and work go into the design and selection of our products. Many of our thermometers are award winners and widely recognized as the best in their class. Most are unique and different from what others offer. If you shop carefully and closely compare performance, features and price, you'll find we are the leading value in many product categories. We make low cost pocket thermometers, high speed thermometers, sophisticated professional meters, and a growing variety of sensors and probes. Behind the panels or labels of other equipment you'll find we make OEM temperature components for a growing number of other companies.


ThermoWorks management has decades of experience in the temperature measurement and instrumentation industries. We are seasoned in the development and instruction of measurement courses, publications, and the design of some of the world's leading temperature calibration standards. Our staff is regularly instructed in the practical science of thermometry and the technology behind our products. ThermoWorks temperature calibration lab is equipped for a wide temperature range and the highest precision.


ThermoWorks Thermometers & Accessories

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